ALL EYES ON HURRICANE MATTHEW - Coastal Florida Real Estate


Here in South Florida,  hurricanes are part of tropical living. Although I wrote recently about the statistical unlikely event of a hurricane striking Florida, when a major storm like hurricane Matthew appears and strengthens quickly, there is cause for concern.


Most of the computer models now have Hurricane Matthew, which is currently located in the southern Caribbean, turning northward toward Florida and the eastern Bahamas over the weekend. Exactly how far west it travels before making this turn will determine where it makes landfall in the mainland United States if at all.

We haven’t had a hurricane hit South Florida since Wilma 11 years ago. And statistically speaking very few ever make landfall in South Florida. They’re more likely to go up the Gulf of Mexico toward New Orleans and the panhandle of Florida or up the east coast toward North Carolina.

Preparations are underway everywhere here and we have lines at the gas stations with people filling up cars and filling up spare gas cans to run home generators. After hurricanes Francis Jean and Wilma state law mandated that gas stations had to install generation systems to continue pumping gas in the event of electrical outage so filling up gas cans is probably not needed anymore.

However, other preparations are underway.  This morning I found a blog post demonstrating how Catholics are taking preparations to a higher authority by praying to Saint Medard.  This is from the Catholic Review website:

“Prayers for hurricane protection at Mass:
Parishes here in Florida often incorporate a prayer for protection from hurricanes and tropical storms during the general intercessions at Mass each week. Our parish, Saint Paul of the Cross in North Palm Beach uses the following intention
That we would receive the grace of physical protection from all storms, disaster and calamity this hurricane season, we pray… Lord, hear our prayer.”
As the weekend continues, we all watch for the latest updates and plan accordingly.

Richard Sites, Realtor