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Hurricane Matthew: 4 AM Update From Jupiter Florida

Well, it looks like we may have dodged the bullet from hurricane Matthew here in Jupiter. I just had a peaceful night of sleep and have awakened to find the power is on and storm damage outside appears minimal.



Of course, it is still dark, the wind is blowing and we have some rain so I won’t know for sure until the sun comes up.

But we do know a couple of things.


It appears that everyone took the storm seriously and either evacuated or moved to higher ground.

Of course, there are the die-hard kite boarders and hurricane party freaks who ignore sound advice.


It appears that the loss of power was less than anticipated.  I live in a rural area with lots of trees and we still have electricity.  And I don’t hear any generators running this morning. Some large trees with shallow roots have been blown over as reported on TV.

Now the Crazy Part

It appears the storm is going to revisit us next week. Check out this storm track projection:

Hurricane Matthew storm track

Updates to follow.

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