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Home Sellers: Did You Check Your Home Online? Why Not?

OK, you are going to sell your home.

  • You watched some You Tube videos on staging and de-cluttering.  Check.
  • You interviewed at least 3 agents and asked them the 3 most important questions. Check.
  • You did not hire a neighbor or friend, but hired a professional, real estate salesperson.  Check.
  • Your agent brought in a professional photographer.  Check. (No?? Why not?)

So now the yard sign is installed, some “Just Listed” cards were mailed to your neighbors, an open house was scheduled for local agents.  You must be all set, right?  Not so fast.

Did you go online and check you home on the major real estate websites? No? Whoa, this could be a big mistake.

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Let me tell you about a couple of examples from my personal experience of 13 years in this market.

The Turkey

I was once called by a Jupiter Farms homeowner who had been unsuccessfully trying to sell his house.  So, I agreed to meet with him and his wife to see what issue might be keeping the house from selling. (On another note, usually just a 1% improvement in your value proposition will get the house sold).

When I arrived at the house nothing appeared to be drastically wrong so I suggested we look at the house online. We pulled it up and found only 4 pictures of the house.  Well, 3 to be exact since the fourth picture was of their pet turkey.

Now, I know that a moose cannot help you sell and I doubt that a turkey can either.

The sellers were mortified and cancelled the listing the next morning.  In fact, none of the other pictures were taken by a professional either.  So when we re-shot the pictures, and removed the turkey picture, the house quickly went under contract without lowering the price.

Real Estate Websites on the Internet

Now, nearly everyone today starts their home search on the Internet.  If a picture used to be worth 1,000 words it is probably worth even more now.

But, if you have had any dealings with technology you know that things “techy” don’t always work as they should.  I don’t think I have ever listened to a webinar that didn’t have a technical glitch even with the pros doing the work.

So when a home is listed in the MLS, aggregation sites like Zillow and Realtor.com, (as well as every other real estate company site and even your local newspaper) pull data from the MLS…automatically.  Or so they say.

I listed a home in Palm Beach Gardens and one of the major sites failed to pull all the professional photographs I had input in the MLS.   Remember, this was supposed to be automatic.

Luckily, the homeowner was checking all over the Internet for the listing and found the glitch.  So, I called the company who assured me it would be fixed.  Fast forward one week, still not fixed.

When I called the second time, they manually pulled the pictures from our MLS and fixed the problem.

So the take away from this is if you were trying to sell your home invest a few minutes and go find your house on the Internet just the way a potential buyer would.  See what you think and read all the data to make sure it is correct.

If you would like to have a no hassle conversation about getting your house sold quickly and smoothly, please contact me directly at 561-762-4073. And remember hope is not an effective selling strategy.

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