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Home Sellers: Why You Should Never Talk to the Neighbors

When selling a house, one of the worst things you can do is talk to the neighbors.  There are two reasons why.

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First, everyone is an expert.  Second, most of the information is flawed.  The best thing you can do is have serious motivation to move forward with your plans.

Now everyone knows that any property can and will sell at the right price.  So, what is the right price?

Buyers know what the right price is…and they will tell you.  How’s that?

If you have a home on the market and you are getting no showings or no offers, the market is telling you that your home is priced is wrong.

As the saying goes, “Get motivated!”  Don’t go talk to the neighbors.  Neighborly advice is usually worth what you pay for it.

Nobody sees more similar homes in less time than active buyers.  They know what your home is worth in a competitive market because they are out looking.  And they certainly know more than the neighbors.

And don’t forget that everyone is an expert.  My dad likes to say the more people you talk to the better off you are. But you have to talk to the right people or at least qualified people or all you will get are differing opinions.  If you have followed my advice to take time to find the right agent, take their advice not that of neighbors.

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