Buying a home is an interesting process.  One of the most interesting aspects is the question of who is in charge? Not technically in charge but the question is, who is directing things toward a successful outcome?

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To drill a little deeper, let’s talk specifically about getting properly qualified.  Not just your financial qualifications but finding out about your hopes, dreams and desires.

Did your agent spend time delving deeply into your issues to make sure your time spent looking at houses is well spent?

Often times, agents hope to establish a good rapport with prospects hoping this “rapport” will lead to a sale.  It can also lead to frustration and disappointment.  Frustration on the part of buyers when they can’t find the home they want to buy (so they change criteria or agents) and disappointment by agents when the prospects fail to buy.

This is the genesis of the phrase, “Buyers are liars”.

So, what is the solution?  Well, let’s look at another profession to see how they handle things.

When you have a medical issue and visit the doctor, what is the process?  The doctor begins to ask questions to narrow the possible causes and continues until only a few choices remain.  Only then is a course of treatment or surgery prescribed.

What would you think if after talking with the doctor for a few minutes, he/she recommended surgery?  You would certainly say they did not ask enough questions to make this assessment.  The same is true of your home buying process.

Your agent should make sure to qualify you in all aspects; financing, schools, time frame, motivation, etc. and then you should do a virtual tour of possible homes, all the while narrowing them down.  Only when you get down to a list of 6-8 homes should you venture out.

So, day one should be spent qualifying and day two making your decision.  Buying a home should not take more than a couple of days at most.  In fact, in this market if you take more than that the homes may be under contract before you can get to them.

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Richard Sites