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HOA, POA or COA. When considering a home for sale, you may have encountered any one or two of these acronyms.   So what are they, how do they impact you as homeowner, and what is the difference between them? Well, let’s dive in and explain them.

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An HOA, or Homeowner’s Association, is the body that governs a community of homes.  They decide what services will be provided to the residents and how often, what residents will pay for these services and oversee the HOA restrictions.

These HOA fees can run from as little as $50 a year to $500 or more a month and residents are usually required to join as a condition of purchasing.  Some places, like older communities or Jupiter Farms, do not have HOAs. Tequesta Country Club has a voluntary one that, once joined, allows you to enjoy certain community amenities.

The HOA will also tell residents what they may need to repair, clean or paint before allowing a home to be sold. This can be a sticky situation between buyer and seller.


A COA is the same type of organization as above except instead of overseeing homes they govern a condominium. When these COA boards get overzealous, they are affectionately known as “Condo Commandos”.


A POA, or Property Owner’s Association, is a governing body that includes several HOAs.  For example, in Jonathan’s Landing there are 27 communities, including one condo, Southporte.  Each of these neighborhoods is governed by an HOA & 1 with a COA.  But they are all wrapped by the POA too.  This means the monthly or quarterly fee due is a combination of the two.

So, when considering a home you will want to investigate the HOA, COA or POA fees since, as reccuring fees, they will impact your ability to financing a home.  Searching for homes with low or no fees can be tricky but if you need a home like this, send me an email and I will tell you how to set up a search to find what you need.

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