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Country Club vs. Golf Club: What’s the Difference?

Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens are populated with both country clubs and golf clubs.  So what is the difference?

Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

All golf clubs are country clubs but not all country clubs are golf clubs. Let’s take a look at the differences and see which works best for you.

Country Clubs

This area has one of the highest concentrations of “clubs” per square mile anywhere in South Florida.  Local country clubs include Admirals Cove, Frenchman’s Reserve, Frenchman’s Creek, Jupiter Country Club, BallenIsles and Mirasol Country Club.

Typically, a country club includes a wide variety of activities and they are usually housed in a massive clubhouse. The clubhouse in some of the higher end clubs, like Admirals Cove, are about 80,000 square feet in size.

Old Palm Golf Club

In addition to a golf course or two…or three, country clubs generally have extensive tennis programs and courts, maybe a marina, a luxury spa, comprehensive fitness centers with trainers, clothing shops, possibly a concierge and probably a huge pool/patio area.

Social Calendars

The heart of a country club though, is the busy social calendar.  When I am in these clubs, I pick up an activities calendar and there is always something going on. Activities are as varied as “The Blessing of the Fleet” in Admirals Cove to the more traditional Easter egg hunts and everything in between.

And the massive clubhouses mean that many activities can go on simultaneously.

Golf Clubs

These clubs, on the other hand, are usually smaller and cater to the requirements of an active golfing population. The golf clubs around here are Jonathan’s Landing, Jupiter Hills, The Loxahatchee Club, Old Marsh, Old Palm, The Medalist, The Bear’s Club and perhaps the most famous, Seminole.

Ben Hogan once said that if he could play only one course the rest of his life it would be Seminole.

These clubs are typically smaller and more intimate, usually have more adults than growing children and have limited facilities for tennis, fitness and spas.

And the golf experience is the center of it all.  There is usually an extensive caddie program and with a much smaller number of players tee times are usually not required.

Our area has plenty of PGA Tour pros living here and folks like Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler play out of these golf clubs not the country clubs.

One interesting note about both types of clubs is the fact that each club develops it’s own personality.  This is a result of residents encouraging friends to move there so each club usually draws from certain select areas of the country. Jonathan’s Landing has many Connecticut residents while Admirals Cove has a heavy concentration of members from New York and the surrounding area.

So, when picking out a club it is important to find the one where you and your family will fit in best.  And the clubs want you to “belong”.

Therefore, they will invite you to play a round of golf or some tennis and certainly join them for a meal in the clubhouse.  If you have special concerns they will arrange for you to talk with someone who handles this specific need.

Jonathan’s Landing has a buffet dinner on Wednesday nights.  So, when considering a membership they will invite you to come Wednesday and they will see that other folks from your part of the country sit at your table.

If you are considering a local club, either golf or country, call me directly at 561-762-4073 and let’s talk about which might be best suited for you.  Unlike most agents, I have lived here 25 years and been in all these clubs and know them well.

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Richard Sites, Realtor