Buyers Notice Everything, Don’t Overlook the Closet

Buyers, when inspecting a home for possible purchase, take all kinds of things into account.  And, as I have said before, when selling, address as many of the buyer’s senses as possible to help them make the buying decision. That’s why aromas, flowers, music and the like help set the mood.


But don’t forget the closet.  Since women usually make the buying decision, address their emotions when selling.

One thing buyers are always concerned with is the maintenance of the property.  So if your house, or closet, is messy buyers may interpret that is a sign that the owner has been casual in their upkeep of the property.  The term in the business is deferred maintenance.

This can heighten their concern during the inspection and uncertainty leads to fear and fear can keep buyers from moving forward.

But when a home, or closet, looks like the one above, what does it say about the owner?  I would submit it says they are orderly, meticulous and caring.

Now, the closet pictured above was in a $5 million home on Palm Beach so there was probably a domestic who attended to the closets but when selling it makes sense to address the closets just as you would any other part of the house.

If you are selling, you will be packing up things anyway so go ahead and clean out the closet.

Your home should sell in just a few months so clothes from another season should be packed up.

Will you really need all those shoes in the next 90 days?  It is not uncommon in this area to see 50-100 pairs of shoes in a closet so pack up a few or a few dozen.

Removing items from the closet will also make them seem larger and big closets are a definite selling attraction.  Clean and spacious are two very desirable terms to describe a home for sale.

How about distracting buyers?  When selling, you want to remove anything that could distract buyers from inspecting the house.

If you have shoes in shoe boxes with brand names on them, I guarantee people will be reading those labels.

De-personalizing a home is critical when creating a selling environment so after you take down all the personal photos, do the same in the closet.  Remove anything that could distract buyers.

A great idea is to visit new homes for sale and see how the professional designers stage model homes when selling them.  You might see one or two items in the closet but not 100 shirts and 75 pairs of shoes.

So, when selling, create an environment that gives the buyers confidence in making an offer.  And, as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, so a clean closet can help get buyers to move forward and make that offer.

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Richard Sites, Realtor