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Buying a house in or around Jupiter soon?  Since there is not a return policy on a home purchase how can you tell if you are making the right decision or if there might be some hidden problems you won’t discover until later?

Buying a house in Jupiter

One way to reassure yourself is to “read the evidence”.

First Appearance

Curb appeal is an area where all sellers should strive to catch the buyer’s attention.  There is an old saying: the heart desires what the eye admires.  Landscapes can be overlooked or neglected and a neglected street view immediately sets the buyer in a state of caution which must be overcome before they will make an offer.

Experienced real estate buyers can see through the lack of maintenance and recognize the hidden potential.  It’s the same way with anything, experts know what they are looking at, inexperienced buyers do not.

This is what makes the television show Antiques Roadshow so popular.  Owners of certain objects just believe it was something grandma left them.  The appraisal experts know what they are looking at when examining something.

So, when buying a house, your first piece of evidence is the condition of the landscape.

Deferred Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to give yourself some confidence in your new home purchase is by the level of general maintenance.  Once, while showing an older home on Jupiter Island, we noticed the lack of maintenance or “upkeep”.  The listing agent referred to this as “deferred maintenance”.

Deferred maintenance could means things like the air conditioning system has not been regularly checked, the paint has not been touched up or redone and so forth.

Deferred maintenance can raise the yellow flag of caution.

The Garage

I think the condition of the garage is one of the most telling features of a home’s condition.  Most home sellers give little thought to the garage, but look at this picture and tell me what you think it says about the type of owner who lives in this house?

Buying a house in Jupiter

So when buying, take a minute to read the evidence and then draw a conclusion about the house.  On TV, the cops says they always “follow the evidence, wherever it leads”.  When buying a home, you should do the same.

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Richard Sites, Realtor