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“As seen at the time of contract”, IMPORTANT WHEN SELLiNG

“As seen at the time of contract” is an obscure phrase buried in the standard real estate contract.  But it has significant meaning to the buyer and seller of a house.

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When buyers inspect a home they are considering buying, it is expected that the items seen in the house will convey at the time of sale.  Also, that the condition of the house will be the same as seen at the time of contract.  What does this mean?

It means that you, the seller, will maintain the home in the condition it was in when the buyers saw it and that any modifications to, or damage done when moving, will be repaired.

It also means that the appliances and fixtures will be the same ones as those the buyers saw when they toured the house before writing the offer.

Many times, agents will enter a phrase like “lighting fixture over dining room table does not convey”.  Nobody wants to see something, get excited, then find out it is not for sale.

So if you have items that you want to keep, remove and replace them before putting the house on the market.  And don’t make changes once the house is listing and photographed or a contract is signed.

Even if you take something off the wall, if it damages the wall, fix it.  The buyer is expecting to find the house just the way it looked when they wrote the contract.  And make sure you clean the house before the buyers move in so they are happy with the purchase.

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Richard Sites, Realtor