Alton, a massive development going in by Kolter homes in Palm Beach Gardens, is re-introducing a novel concept…windows that actually open.

Alton homes by Kolter

Windows that do not open became fashionable within the last few decades but crank windows are staging a comeback.  I’m not sure if there is some Federal “green” tax incentive or whether it is simply to enjoy fresh air, but the picture above was taken in a million dollar mansion in Alton not a stripped down model.

When I was growing up in South Florida, air conditioning was the exception not the norm.  In fact, during my entire 12 years of school I never had air conditioning in the classroom.

I doubt if you could even locate an un-air conditioned classroom today.

Most houses had “Florida rooms” on the back of the house where you could sit with windows open and enjoy the tropical breeze.  And along the SE Florida coast the breeze off the ocean is blowing all the time.  Add a few large, shade trees to cool the air and these porches were delightful.

Homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s often had pass through windows from the kitchen to the porch or patio so you could enjoy dining al fresco when the weather was good.

You can still find homes with pass throughs in some sections of Tequesta and Palm Beach Gardens.

During our winter months, we have some of the most delightful weather imaginable.  It is similar to the coast of California with clear skies, low humidity and high temperatures during the day only in the low to mid-70’s.

So there is not better way to enjoy this weather than to crank the windows wide open!  I’m glad to see the return of the cranks in new homes.

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