Aerial Photography, or drone photography, is commonplace today.  Everybody from farmers to the government is using it. So when selling your house should you make it a part of your marketing?

Let’s talk about it for a minute.


Drones have gotten a bad name largely because of supposed concerns about privacy and the fact that the FAA doesn’t want them flying near airports or above 400 feet.  I can see their point regarding airplanes but I don’t agree with those who object on “privacy” grounds.

But seeing the world from above has huge advantages and the use of drones has expanded to farmers, miners, oceanographers, etc..  When selling your house, buyers seeing it from above has obvious advantages.

Take a look at the photo above of my listing at 16 Marina Gardens Drive in Palm Beach Gardens.  While this is a waterfront location, there is no way to accurately show this proximity by taking photos from land when compared to this aerial shot.

4K Video

Videos today can be shot in 4K (or even as high as 6K).  I used 4K aerial video on the above listing to show its proximity to the marina and the Intracoastal.  Since most buyers are searching for new homes on their mobile devices which have at least 1080p screens, 4k can really step up your presentation a notch.

Remember, what the eye admires, the heart desires and nothing replaces fantastic photos.  With our winter season upon us we will have plenty of clear, blue skies which are perfect for shooting aerial video.

If you are able, you might also consider shooting early in the morning or at dusk when the light is “golden”.  This is sometimes referred to as the “golden hour” and the lower angle of the sun can help delineate your home’s features and location.

Luxury Homes

If you are selling a luxury home in a community like Admirals Cove or one located along the Loxahatchee River you must make 4K, aerial videography a part of your marketing presentation.

There are some dazzling examples of high quality, 4K real estate videos on You Tube right now which demonstrate what I am talking about.

The Take Away

Nothing can replace exquisite photographs when trying to lure buyers.  And aerial photographs are best way to do this.  When interviewing agents to sell your house, forget the fancy brochures and ask about the use of high definition, aerial videos.

If you would like to have a conversation about meeting your real estate needs, use the form below to contact me.  Unlike most agents, I grew up in South Florida and have lived in Jupiter 26 years.

Richard Sites, Realtor