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Advertising homes for sale is an interesting subject.  The latest feature in our area is the concept called “Any Broker Advertise”.  Let’s explore this feature that could get your house sold more quickly yet few agents understand how to use it correctly.

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There is a saying that goes like this, “A dog with a bone has no friends”.  So, is your agent acting like a dog with a bone?

In the past, it was considered “unethical” to advertise another agent’s listings.  Particularly if the data was being manipulated to make it appear as if it were your listing.

This was carried to an extreme by some agents several years ago when these agents were posting scores of listings daily on different websites and making them appear as if they were their own listings.  Some of these agents were portrayed as “big producers” when their business was actually coming from a little “sleight of hand”.

Fast forward to today and data feeds.


IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange which means ALL THE MLS DATA CAN BE SHARED on the Internet.  IDX is how Zillow, Realtor.com, and EVERY REAL ESTATE WEBSITE and even the local newspaper get their information.

Call it cross-pollination.  This means that every agent or website that buys an IDX feed from the MLS can show all listings by all brokers.

Recently though, the MLS began offering a feature called “Any Broker Advertise” as a data field in an MLS listing. The language warning against manipulating the data is included to prevent deceit.

This means that even though everybody could already show ALL listings by using IDX, agents could now also expand their exposure by advertising each other’s listings in print.

Trouble is, nearly all agents are marking this field with a “NO” in the MLS which prohibits cross-pollination.  They are acting like the “dog with a bone”.

Why?  What are they afraid of?  Couldn’t this really help sell a house?

All my listings are marked “YES” because the more exposure of any kind the better the chances of selling the house. What is in the customer’s best interest?

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Richard Sites, Realtor