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Admirals Cove: New roof coming to the East clubhouse

The Club at Admirals Cove is planning more upgrades to the magnificent 80,000 square foot East clubhouse.   The Main Clubhouse, built in 1987, features a “Bermuda” style of architecture far different from the Mediterranean inspired look found in other clubs like Old Palm and Mirasol.  In fact, Admirals Cove is the only club with this architectural style and it is found throughout the community, particularly on the older homes on Captains Way, Waterside and Spyglass.

Newer homes built during the mid-2000’s might well feature a Tuscany inspired look.

Admirals Cove clubhouse

Each year the Club has upgraded the facilities taking the amenities to higher and higher levels of service, comfort and ease of use.  Last year it was a major upgrade to the marina, now a new roof is planned.

Sitting by the pool today, I was told the roof cost would be near $1,000,000.  When it was originally installed it was about 1/10th of that.  But looking at the size and scope of the project as well as the very steep working surface it is easy to see why the cost would be so high.

I had lunch poolside at the Marina Cafe today and when enjoying the superior level of service and exquisite food it is easy to see why Admirals Cove maintains a “Platinum Club” recognition as one of the Top 10 private club communities in the United States.

Right now there are 52 homes for sale in Admirals Cove.  Prices range from $475,000 to just under $9,000,000 and club membership is mandatory.

If you are looking in Admirals Cove or searching for the right waterfront property use the form below or contact me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike most agents, I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out.

Richard Sites