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Accent Walls: Don’t Let Them Be Overpowering When Selling

Yesterday, while previewing Jupiter homes for sale in the million dollar range, I can across 2 accent walls in 2 different houses. Actually, in one of the houses the entire room was painted as you see below.

Since there are not any accent walls in the new homes for sale in Jupiter, let’s think about whether this is a good strategy.

Jupiter homes for sale

I have long maintained that when selling, you should take a look at new homes in your area and try to copy some of their decorating ideas.

Let’s face it, it most cases you, as seller, are not a professional decorator.  So, you could either hire one or go see the work of a professional by visiting model homes.  In a model home there is only one goal:  Get the house sold, now!

And isn’t that your goal as well?

Unlike homeowners, builders know there is a hidden cost in carrying a home every day.  This cost is eating into their projected profit (and yours).  In the case of a homeowner, it can be statistically proven that selling quickly will net you more than selling later when you must reduce your price to try and entice a buyer.

Now, back to the accent wall.

I’m not sure where the idea of colored walls came from, but while looking at models in Sonoma Isles, Alton, Jupiter Country Club, The Prado and Windsor Park, I have never come across an accent wall.  So if DiVosta Homes, Kolter, Toll Brothers and CalAtlantic don’t use this technique in order to sell, is it a good one for you?  They have hundreds of houses to sell and know that professional decorating gets the job done.

So what should you take away from this if you are selling?

Do not get hung up on your decorating skill (of lack thereof).  De-personalize the house, including the accent wall(s).

Repaint the room or home in bright, neutral colors.  And once again I encourage you to visit model homes and even take a picture of the wall color.  The camera in your iPhone is probably good enough to capture the true color which could then be computer matched at a paint store so you could buy this same color.

The exact color is not critical, but a very neutral color is.  And since you are probably not going to buy new furniture to make your home more appealing, painting the house the way a professional would is critical.

Earlier this year, I helped some sellers prepare their home for sale over a period of weeks and it sold the first day we offered it.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about selling your Jupiter home, contact me at 561-762-4073. And remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy.

Richard Sites, Jupiter real estate agent