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Buying a Home:

The buying process has changed over the last several years.  The financial collapse of 2008 made the mortgage process more challenging and the Internet has muddied up the water for buyers.  Finding the right agent is more important than ever.

For most people moving to Jupiter, this is not their first home purchase since the median price of homes here is higher than many communities with homes priced into the millions.

After 2008, lending regulations changed causing financial institutions to require even more stringent documentation before committing to a loan.  Knowing how to avoid these landmines is something the right agent can help with.

The Internet has provided nearly limitless opportunities for prospective buyers to search for a home. Unfortunately, this situation has made a home search even more difficult and time consuming and redirected the effort toward searching for a home on the house not the agent.  In fact, finding the right agent will ensure you find the right house, not the other way around.

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All the MLS data is available on every website, whether it is an agent’s website, a company’s website or sites like Zillow.  It is all the same information and comes from the same place but with countless venues available, sifting through the information can be a formidable task.

Buyers should be searching for the right agent who can direct them to the right home.

I have been selling homes in this area for 13 years and started by selling a million dollar home my first month in the business.  Call or email and I’ll give you the guidance you need to find the right house and set you up with proprietary search tools not available on the Internet.

Selling Your Home:

Richard Sites is a professional real estate marketing specialist in Northern Palm Beach County.  Focusing on the critical issues that affect sales and a concentric pricing model, he has been able to sell homes when other agents were unable to so owners could move forward with their plans.  He couples today’s technology with yesterday’s service and communication skills to successfully market homes.

Unlike many agents, Richard is a native of South Florida and has been a Jupiter resident for 25 years.  This gives him the proper perspective to find the right property to meet a buyer’s needs. Google has enlisted him as an expert Local Guide due to his extensive knowledge of the area.

Very clear photoPrior to residential real estate, Richard worked in the financial services area including trusts and estates.  In 1991, he started a business which became the largest contractor working exclusively in Admirals Cove in Jupiter.  He sold the business and started a real estate career with the top producing company focusing on luxury and club properties.  His first month in the business, he was able to sell a country club home for $ 1 million that had been listed for 2 years with other very experienced agents by improving the seller’s value proposition slightly.  This success provided the foundation for the implementation of his  1% Solution.

The 1% Solution for sellers:

Many times sellers list homes with agents for reasons like seeing ads in the paper, recommendations from friends or because they worked with this agent in the past.  However, in today’s market, selecting the right agent is more critical than ever.  Sometimes it only takes a 1% improvement in a critical area to get buyers to make an offer.  And remember, a house can never be sold until someone puts an offer in writing so getting to this point is the main objective.  As the saying goes, “Hope is not an effective selling solution”.

In addition to helping sellers and buyers , Richard regularly posts videos on the real estate market and our Coastal Florida lifestyle to his You Tube Channel, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and writes on the same subjects in his many blogs.

Richard recently listed and sold a Tequesta home in just 1 day.  So, if you think it makes sense to have a conversation about getting your home sold quickly and smoothly, just use the contact form below or call him directly at 561-762-4073.