Loxahatchee river homes for sale: New listing on Anchorage Point

Loxahatchee river homes for sale are tucked into all the choice riverfront locations in Jupiter and Tequesta.  One of the most prominent is Anchorage Point in Tequesta.

Anchorage Point is a peninsula that juts out into the Loxahatchee river.  Here the river is at it’s widest point and if you have been reading about riverfront homes for sale you know that wide views command the highest prices.

Anchorage Point

A new listing came on the market yesterday on Anchorage Point for $3,595,000.

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The little things are ALWAYS the most important

In my real estate career, one thing I have learned is the smallest details are ALWAYS, not sometimes, the most important.  And the smaller they are the MORE important they become.  Think back to a first date.

During the “get acquainted” phase you, and your date, are checking all the little things to see if this relationship might work out. The smallest detail can sometimes derail the relationship, or turn into an annoying habit if things go on a little longer.

Luxury homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens

It’s no different in real estate.

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Riverfront homes for sale in Jupiter: 45 now on the market

The market has been strong in riverfront homes for sale over $1 million.  Three new listings came on the market this week pushing the total number of active listings to 45.

Any riverfront location will command a price in excess of $1 million.  Those along the canals in Tequesta might be slightly lower and those with expansive lots and wide river views will reach to near the $2-3 million dollar range or maybe as high as $5 million for those on the biggest lots on Pennock Point.

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Pennock Point homes for sale: New listing at $2,950,000

Pennock Point is one of the most prestigious, non-country club addresses in Jupiter.  The massive lots, platted out decades ago, allow for estate homes with maybe the best river views in the area.

Pennock Point homes

A new home came on the market Friday priced at just under $3 million.

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Loxahatchee river homes: new listing with wide river views

The Loxahatchee River offers about 1,000 riverfront homes at prices from around $900,000 to nearly $9 million.  Much of the difference in pricing, especially on the Tequesta side of the river, comes about because of the view.

Loxahatchee Riverfront homes

The views are either “wide” or “short” and a new listing, with a wide view, came on the market today.

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Old Marsh: Estate homes in a preserve setting

Old Marsh is a gated luxury community on the west side of Palm Beach Gardens featuring 180 custom estate homes on 456 acres of beautiful nature preserves.  It sits just north of Mirabella and Mirasol with nothing but natural surroundings on 3 sides.

Old Marsh

There are only 300 equity members in the club so when you play the Pete Dye course there are no tee times.  And like Jupiter Hills, The Medalist and a few other clubs, your caddie will make the round even more relaxing.

Heading west on Hood Road you leave the developments behind and the environment becomes more and more tranquil as you approach Old Marsh.  Once through the gates, you will be surprised at the expanse of the setting.

Lakes dot the landscape with majestic wading birds along the shore.  The home sites are very large so there is plenty of room between the houses.  The architectural style is quiet and understated with a feeling much like the deep South and homes are priced over $1,000,000.  Most of the streets are lined with stately, Live Oaks.

You might like Old Marsh if a quiet and relaxed club appeals to you and you are not part of the yachting crowd.


If you would like to have a conversation about finding the right home in this area, use the form below or contact me directly at 561-762-4073.  Unlike most agents, I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out.


Riverfront home in Tequesta comes on the market at $995,000

Riverfront homes for sale in Tequesta typically face the wide part of the river and look south to Jupiter or they face west, again looking at Jupiter, over the northwest fork of the river.  But there are five canals in Tequesta that offer protected dockage but lack the wider river views.

Three of these are near the Tequesta Country Club on the North Fork and the other two are on the Northwest Fork in the community of North Passage.


One of the homes near Tequesta Country Club just came on the market for $995,000.

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Admirals Cove new listing: Club Cottage near the East Clubhouse

Admirals Cove homes offer mostly waterfront estates at prices to nearly $9 million.  However, there is a collection of smaller, non-waterfront homes, called Club Cottages, located right near the East Clubhouse.  These are 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath homes with just under 1,900 feet of living space and about 2,300 feet of total space.

Admirals Cove homes

This home just came on the market at $650,000 or $ 351 per square foot.

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Islands of Jupiter: Just sold at $2.4 million

The Islands of Jupiter is a collection of small islands in the Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River.  Here waterfront estates provide river access and then out to the Atlantic.

I sold this home on Reach Island this week for $2.4 million.

Waterfront home in the Islands of Jupiter
Waterfront home in the Islands of Jupiter

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Riverfront homes over $2 million selling for 91% of OLP

Homes for sale on the Loxahatchee River fall into 2 main categories:  Those under $2 million and those over it. Right now there are 39 active listings on the river with 24 over $2 million and 15 under it (of those homes priced over $1 million).

Riverfront homes in Jupiter

Why the big difference in price categories?

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